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That's-a-me! Little baby Karina. Quick dark detour: I never imagined what it would be like past the age of eighteen. Not in the sense that I couldn't fathom it, but in the sense that I didn't understand that I would still be alive by then. I thought my childhood and adolescence was all there was – that the rest was just some fucked up story that the born-already-adults made up to mess with me. 

Surprise, surprise man, I don't think it's a joke anymore! Needless to say, I am now twenty-four and am still recovering from the shock that I am an individual with my own rights and possess the ability to do things on my own. Life used to just happen to me, but now I am–through my own volition–making things happen through the littlest of baby steps. It's tough, it's gruelling, humanity is just not it a lot of the time, but if this tiny kid in that photo knew that I am not only writing random crap, but random crap people seemingly like, she'd be over the moon. Today, that's enough to make me feel as if I'm over the moon.

Also, love ya Mum, Fasha, Kuys, Jeowowo, and Berniboo. Y'all are the OGs and out of all the families there are in the world, God really said, "Yo. It's gonna be tough for ya at the start kid, but these guys? They're hella. You'll be fine." And He was right. I am fine. We'll be fine. And I love you guys so much I sometimes wonder why, haha!

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